Caffeine in Soft Drinks

Pepsi One has more caffeine than Mountain Dew!!! That, and a big table of the caffeine in soft drinks, at the link.

Cheap Wired Subscription

Subscribe or Renew WIRED for one year only $5. Offer expires September 4th. Use the link and my friend T-Bone gets 20 cents. He just moved to Hawaii, though, where 20 cents will buy you about 10 cents worth of stuff.


Time of day calling it quits at AT&T
Richard Frenkiel was assigned to work on the time machines when he joined Bell Labs in the early 1960s. He described the devices as large drums about 2 feet in diameter, with as many as 100 album-like audio tracks on the exterior. Whenever someone called time, the drums would start turning and a message would begin, with different tracks mixed together on the fly.

Home Ownership

Paul Kedrosky: Research: Why Do We Want People to Own Homes?
Do American prefer to own their own homes, or do they prefer the kinds of dwellings that are usually offered for sale (as opposed to the kinds offered for rent)?
That's an interesting way of putting it.


We're waiting for our second batch of homemade granola to cool. We made the first batch a couple of weeks ago, enjoying it in various yogurt-based treats. After it ran out, we had a few days before the symptoms of withdrawal set in, and today they got so bad that we decided that we needed another fix. It's actually pretty simple: the dry mix contains oats, nuts, and dried fruit; while the wet mix contains honey, maple syrup, and oil. The mixes are combined, then it's baked. Every five minutes it needs to be stirred so that it bakes evenly. After it's done, pack it down and let it cool. Voila! Granola! (A real recipe helps with the ratios of ingredients the first couple of times.)

George Orwell was Shot

George Orwell describes in great detail what it was like to be shot by a sniper in the Spanish Civil War. It's a very interesting passage, and not very long. You should read the whole thing.
My first thought, conventionally enough, was for my wife. My second was violent resentment at having to leave this world which, when all is said and done, suits me so well.

Turn a pencil into an emergency light source

Structurally deficient bridges