Tired but Productive

I'm taking a break from putting away laundry to relax in my ducky PJs.  (Yes, turtles wear PJs.  Look it up.)

Today we learned all abut caring for newborn turtles.  The feeding class was really helpful and I feel really confident in that department now, although I'm technically not head of that particular department.  The newborn care class was also really informative, especially the practice in dressing a baby, changing the diapers, and various holds.

We can now walk to almost all areas of the nest, and the pile of donations is really large now, big enough to fill up the floor of our walk-in (scuttle-in?) closet.

The Car Seat Has Landed

Just in case the baby turtle comes before we can buy a new car, I've installed the car seat in our Turtle Honda Civic.  It's very exciting.

The place is still a mess, but slightly less of a mess today than yesterday.  And the pile of donations is even larger.

Cleaning up

I've been trying to clean up the place in preparation for the new turtle coming to town.  She's still resting in her egg, but we've got to make room for all her accessories.  I've also been trying to (slowly) catch up on my long email queue and send out more resumes.

Last weekend we went to the Ballet.  I was kind of sleep deprived so I had to suck on some candy to stay awake, but I enjoyed it.

I'm glad went to Europe when we did.  We went while Mrs. Turtle could still get around relatively easily, important for getting to all those hard-to-reach castles.

Babies 'R Us

Mrs. Turtle and I went to Babies 'R Us the other day.  It was a pretty frightening experience.  I could feel my chest constricting the further in we walked...  There's a lot of unnecessary baby junk in the world, and almost none of it will fit in our tiny apartment.