We're waiting for our second batch of homemade granola to cool. We made the first batch a couple of weeks ago, enjoying it in various yogurt-based treats. After it ran out, we had a few days before the symptoms of withdrawal set in, and today they got so bad that we decided that we needed another fix. It's actually pretty simple: the dry mix contains oats, nuts, and dried fruit; while the wet mix contains honey, maple syrup, and oil. The mixes are combined, then it's baked. Every five minutes it needs to be stirred so that it bakes evenly. After it's done, pack it down and let it cool. Voila! Granola! (A real recipe helps with the ratios of ingredients the first couple of times.)


Anonymous Turtle Bro said...

you and your evil gluten-contaminated oats... grrr.

there's apparently debate over whether oats have any significant level of a form that causes reactions, although studies suggest no for most celiacs. but most oats are contaminated with wheat and/or barley at processing.

8/30/2007 2:42 PM  

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