We didn't have any plans on Thanksgiving, so a friend invited us to her fiance's parents' house for dinner. Her own parents are in Thailand, where Thanksgiving is not nearly as popular. The parents live in the Berkeley Hills, with an amazing view of the bay. The dinner and conversation was good, too. There were also 5 or 6 different deserts, and since I had to try them all, I went home very full. Mrs. Turtle made chocolate-pumpkin squares, which were delicious.

Thanksgiving away meant that Mrs. Turtle didn't get to indulge much in the kitchen, so on Saturday we had a private turtle Thanksgiving. She made turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green bean casserole with fried onions on top. I made the gravy (from scratch), which received from Mrs. Turtle the highest complement: "This is really good. It tastes just like KFC!" We also had cranberry sauce. The good stuff, where you can see the ridges from the can on the side, and which makes that wonderful slurping sound as it slithers from the can. We were going to have yams with marshmallows on top for desert, but we were too full, as we were yesterday. I hope that today we will have the willpower, the steely mental fortitude, to save room for desert.

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