I love boobies!

Sorry there haven´t been any updates in a while. We were on a ship touring the Galapagos Islands. We´re now on the island of Santa Cruz, in the town of Puerto Ayora, where we will scuba dive for a few days before returning to mainland Ecuador.

We´ve seen all the amazing creatures you see on nature shows about the Galapagos Islands: blue-footed boobies, red-fooded boobies (both morphs), Nasca boobies, sea lions (including tons of newborns!), fur sea lions, huge pods of bottlenose dolphins surrounding out boat, a huge pod of pilot whales, a pod of commjon doplhins doing amazing acrobatic flips and jumps, vermillion flycatchers, most of Darwin´s finches, many sea turtles (from a few feet away, in the water!), manta rays, a huge eagle ray, marine iguanas in many different color combinations, land iguanas, great frigatebirds, magnificent frigatebirds, red-billed tropicbirds, Galapagos hawks, many species of fish, flightless cormorants, Galapagos penguins (Mrs. turtle swam with them), a white-tip reef shark, lava herons, striated herons, giant tortises (dome and saddle-shelled), lava lizards (many pregnant), briliantly-colored Sally Lightfoot crabs, waved albotrosses, brown pelicans, beautiful swallowtail gulls, Galapagos owls, scorpions, the only type of snake on the islands, and more. Photos will be forthcoming.


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