We've got a lot to do to prepare for our vacation. We're going to the Galapagos, first on a cruise to see the islands, and then spending a few days diving. It should be tons of fun, but there is also tons to do.

The Kaiser travel clinic insisted on giving me a shot for Yellow Fever. I told them that Mrs. Turtle is the first Asian woman I ever dated, and really I don't have yellow fever, but they wouldn't listen to reason. Mrs. Turtle also got a Tetanus booster shot, which is very painful for a few days after the shot. Luckily, I got mine a few years ago.

We also have pills of live Typhoid to take, but my acne medicine (an antibiotic) would kill it, so I have to wait 3 days before starting the vaccine, to let the antibiotic clear out of my system.


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