Greetings from Roma, earthlings

The Turtles made it to Italy just fine. The leg we flew on British airways was horrible, with the plane falling apart, no windowshade as the setting sun streamed directly in my window, and for our "meal", a coleslaw and cheese sandwich with mushy white bread. :P

The United leg was great, since we got to sit in Economy plus with both a window and an aisle seat as the plane had a 2-5-2 arrangement. I felt sorry for the people in the middle of the 5.

The toilet I used at Heathrow was possessed, and when I flushed it spat water in all directions. I wasn't drenched, but I ran to the other end of the stall and felt a couple of drops hit my forearms, so I'm pretty sure it got a bunch of direct hits on the back of my jeans and shirt. Luckily, the hotel we're at has laundry service. It's kind of a shame to have to use it on the first day, but that's taking "eau de toilette" a little too far.

After all the stress about getting our baggage to be under 6 kg, they didn't even weight it. In fact, a bunch of people had 2 bags, each of which was obviously too heavy. *sigh* At least the rest of the trip will be easier since we don't have as much to lug around. It already paid off as we ended up walking for about an hour around Heathrow airport, up and down stairs, and we could just zoom by everyone else. I took a moment to stop and laugh at everyone at baggage claim, too.

Stay tuned, loyal readers (reader?), I'll keep you posted on the further adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Turtle.


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