An interesting view of how brainwashing is done by the Moonies:
The very friendly people made me feel important and valuable, but subtly, in an increasing crescendo, they began to interrupt me as I spoke. I would be asked a question and as I began to talk, someone would interrupt with another question, at a slight tangent, which woudl derail my thought, and as I responded to that, trying to answer one or the other or both, someone would interrupt with another question. In essence, I never was 'allowed' to complete a thought. At the same time, they were not adversarial, but interested. What puts you off-guard is the lack of confrontation - in fact, a different person asks you a question each time, so you are swiveling in your chair, so to speak. In doing so, you are responsive to their lead, and therefore, are somaticly under their control. You move in response to them. After a sustained period of time, you can become somewhat deranged, as you have not successfully completed a thought for an hour - hours. More. At their camps, this can go on for 18 hours, interspersed with religious doctrine - AND THIS IS COHERENT AND COMPLETE - it thereby becomes a life-line of stability in an otherwise chaotic communication system. They control your food (low nutrition), your sleep (very important) and your bathroom breaks (infantilizing you). Thus one can embrace the doctrine as relief from the chaos - conversion.


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