Italia II!

The turtles leave for Italy in 10 hours. It's about time for me to get some sleep.

The travel agent scheduled a pretty tight connection between our United flight and our British Airways flight, especially since BA doesn't play nice and won't check through bags from non-partner airlines. I told her we'll be traveling with all carryons, so it shouldn't be a problem. That was before I found out that British Airways only allows a single carryon per person, with a weight limit of 13 pounds (actually, 6 kilos). So now the challenge is to get everything in at around 12 pounds... Not an easy task.

Mrs. Turtle is allowed to bring a purse, which helps a lot. We can also wear all of our cold-weather gear, and fill said gear with all the heavy items. Right now I'm at about 5.5 kilos, with 3 or so pounds of stuff carried. I think we'll be able to pull it off!


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