It's official: the Turtles will be honeymooning in Italy. We're going to try to go with all carry-ons, which should be interesting. It would be simple in the summer, but in the middle of winter it'll be a challenge.

A common bit of wisdom says that the best time to pack for a trip is when you return from one. With that in mind, I did a run-through (pack-through?) when I returned from my back-to-back Japan and Australia trips, which happened not too long after the soon-to-be Mrs. Turtle and I went to Spain. I realized that I needed much less than I had been bringing, and I'm pretty sure I can get everything to fit into my backpack now.

Also, after all that travel I ended up as a Premier on United, so on this trip we got the Premier economy seats, which are 3 or 4 inches further apart than normal economy seats. It doesn't seem like much, but I had those seats on my Japan trip and the extra few inches made a huge difference.

And yes, you read correctly. I'm not a Premier Member or a Premier Flier, I'm simply a Premier. For example: "As a Premier(R), your options include..." I'm not sure which genius marketer thought that up, but they should not have their job.


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