Why Does George W. Bush Hate Cattle Ranchers?

From Electoral Math:
Creekstone Farms, which relied on exports to Japan for 80% of its business, has been unable to export any of its premium beef to Japan since the Mad Cow incident in December 2003. Japan requires that any country that has reported a case of the disease test each head of cattle. Despite Creekstone's willingness to pay 100% of the testing costs and the construction of a new testing facility, the USDA still wouldn't allow Creekstone to perform the necessary tests. The department's fig leaf concern was that such tests would raise the suspicion that untested beef would possess Mad Cow, which is, of course, poppycock.

This is the reason I've cut way back on my beef consumption. A few companies want to test for Mad Cow, and others pressured congress into preventing it. Screw them all, I say!


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