I hate being sick. I always forget just how bad it is.

I don't have a very bad cold, as far as colds go, but I'm still miserable. And I feel like I'm wasting so much time. I've got a lot of stuff to do, but I haven't felt up to doing anything for a few days. And even worse, I don't feel like reading or watching TV so I can't even enjoy my unproductive time.

All we had in the house yesterday was the new "Sudafed PE". I tried to get normal Sudafed, but all the pharmacies were closed and since Pseudoephedrine can be used to make drugs, only pharmacists can dispense it now. I was SOL. Sudafed PE is a little better than nothing, but not by much. Today I got some of the normal Sudafed (12 hour) and the difference was like night and day. As soon as it took effect my nose was much clearer and much less runny, and I felt much better. So for anyone reading: don't bother with Sudafed PE, get the real stuff.

My activity for the day was house-sitting for our cousins. Mrs. Turtle watered the plants, and I put out more food for the chickens. That's right, the chickens. The little guys followed me around everywhere. They had plenty of food, so I'm not sure what they wanted. Perhaps they were worshiping me. Or maybe my they interpreted my sneezing as some sort of communication.


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