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Friday night we flew down San Diego to see my great aunt who wasn't doing too well. Luckily we saw her on Saturday, because when I called on Sunday morning to go over, it didn't sound as if things were going well. It turned out that she died a few hours later.

I was glad that we had managed to see her on Saturday, even though she hadn't been able to talk. I hope that it made her happy to know that so many people had come to see her. I wish I could have done more for my great uncle, who is very smart and very kind. We watched an old video of me and Turtle Bro when we were little. We were both dressed very embarrassingly, and my great uncle took us fishing while my great aunt was working in the garden.

My great aunt was always a very bright and happy person and it was very sad to see her in that state. However, she was able to choose pretty much when, where, and how she went, and was surrounded by her immediate family and a parade of guests who all loved her. I will always remember her smiling and joking and saying "aluminium" in her cute accent.

On Saturday evening we went to Officer T's house to see his new baby. She's really cute and has two parents who obviously care for her very much. I always have fun talking with Officer and Mrs. T, so we stayed up really late shooting the breeze. In my defense, I had it in my head that he was working the late shift the next day, instead of the early (6am) shift. I hope he didn't fall asleep on the job on Sunday.

It seemed kind of fitting to spend the evening with a fresh, new baby. I'm not a philosopher, or even a very good writer, so I can't explain it very well. If I think about it too much I get really sad, but maybe that's the lesson.


Anonymous Turtle Bro said...

I wanted to try to make it down there as well, but she would have died around the time I could have arrived.

I don't have much else to add; your description of her was great.

And I'm happy to hear that Officer T, his wife and daughter are all doing well. I imagine two of them are rather sleep-deprived, though.

6/26/2007 12:59 PM  

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