Cell Phone Fun

Here are a couple of applications that will work on any cell phone that can run Java. My cell phone is a few years old and can run them, so yours probably can too.

First we have Google Maps Mobile. This is an amazing map program. It'll give you interactive driving directions, showing a map and giving text directions for each turn you need to make. It is far and away the most impressive general program I've ever seen on a cell phone.

Next we have Opera Mini, a much nicer web browser than the one that came with your phone. Trust me. I used it last night to check my email and to view some photos sent to me as attachments.

Finally, we have Google Mobile. Just set your phone's web browser (hopefully Opera Mini by now) to mobile.google.com, and it'll let you access Gmail, Google search, Google news, and Google SMS on your phone. I believe that these are just web interfaces, as opposed to Java, but the displays and interfaces are optimized for cell phones.

These applications are all free, but remember that you might be charged for internet access or airtime on your cell phone, depending on your plan. Our plan charges us for the airtime we use (it comes out of our minutes), but doesn't charge anything extra. This means that I have free internet usage after 7pm and on weekends on my cell phone.


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