Almost there!

I've started compiling my thesis and I'm at 116 pages so far. I'm sure that there's lots of duplicate material in there, but there's also material that I've got to add, so who knows how long the final draft will be. Interestingly, it's only 64 pages when formatted as a standard conference paper: 11pt font, single-spaced, two columns. To get the 116 pages it has: 12pt font, 1.5-spaced, one column.

It will be composed of five papers worth of material. I've published four of the papers, but I might not get the last one out before I graduate. I'll end up graduating with eight published papers plus the soon-to-be published paper, all 12-20 pages. I've been looking over the people in my group who have graduated, and this is at the high end, surprisingly enough.


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