Grand Celestial Do : The Fighting Art of the Cosmos

Grand Celestial Do : The Fighting Art of the Cosmos:

"I was driving out in the countryside visiting my grandparents when the abduction took place. I remembered it was approximately 3:30 A.M. There was a blue light in the sky in front of the road. ... Then I saw them. The Visitors. ... They took me to their planet located near the center of the Orion System. I spent 11 years there. They taught me many things. The mission I was given was to teach people on Earth their fighting art."

"[Q:] Do you have any physical proof that you were abducted by aliens and lived on their planet for 11 years?

[A:] It is illegal for me to take any of their technologies and bring them to Earth. One can only guess what disastrous things mankind would use these technologies for. The only physical evidence I have is a mercury-based silicon nodule implanted in my cerebral cortex. ... When I die, I would like for that nodule to be extracted from my body and examined."

"[Q:] Grand Celestial Do uses Photonic Energy as its power source. Is this energy the same as "chi" or "ki" in eastern martial arts?

[A:] Photonic Energy is a totally different type of energy than 'chi' or 'ki' found in Earth-based martial art systems. 'Chi' does exist, but it is a very primitive form of energy and very low on the evolutionary scale. In fact, the Visitors scoffed at the use of "chi," because of how weak it is compared to Photonic Energy."


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