Aikido and the Art of Dodging Freeway Traffic

One of my Aikido instructors sent out this story:

Pardon me for another animal story but on Sunday I noticed what looked like a small animal on the median strip of the Bayfront Expressway. I made another pass and saw what looked like a small kitten. I can't resist these kinds of things, so parked on the shoulder and ran across the highway to check it out. When I went to pick up this tiny thing, it hissed at me and ran into the #1 lane of traffic. I didn't announce my intentions clearly enough and it may also be feral. I herded it back onto the median while keeping an eye on traffic and waited for traffic to clear before beginning Round 2. This time I took off my shirt and threw it over the kitten before scooping it up and dashing for the shoulder.
So if you saw a hairy, shirtless man running around on the freeway, I'll have to admit it was me. The 4-5 week old kitten was unhurt and is doing well.


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