Unfit for command

Jerome Corsi, one of the two main (not so) Swift Vets, is trying to redefine himself as a champion of Iran. This is a little hard to square with some of his previous quotes:

"Islam is a peaceful religion as long as the women are beaten, the boys buggered and the infidels killed."

"Ragheads are boy-bumpers as clearly as they are women-haters _ it all goes together."

"Let's see exactly why it isn't the case that Islam is a worthless, dangerous Satanic religion? Where's the proof to the contrary?"

"Boy buggering in both Islam and Catholicism is OK with the pope as long as it isn't reported by the liberal press."

Anyhow, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has an interesting article on his newfound career. It ends on a very depressing note, though:

'Meanwhile,' said Zand-Bonazzi, an Iranian exile with a father in the mullahs' prison, 'none of us ever gets heard. That's what freaks me out. No one's willing to speak to us. But they bring someone like Jerry Corsi? When did Jerry Corsi end up knowing more than I do?'


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