Strange story

A story from Ellis Amdur
Rikidosan was a Korean national, lived in Japan, who was a high ranked sumotori. He shifted to Pro-Wrestling, and was the first "Japanese" (so he was presented) to "beat" the Americans after WWII. He was insanely popular. Kimura, the great judo champion, was forced to turn pro (he tried a professional judo league and then pro-wrestling) to pay for medicine for his very sick wife. He and Rikidosan agreed to a match that would end in a draw. In the middle of the match, Kimura bared his throat, and Rikidosan sucker punched him in the neck and knocked hiim out. (that's just for background on Kimura and the kind of guy Rikidosan was).

R. was subsequently drinking in a bar and in going to the toilets, pushed and otherwise bullied a small gangster, who stabbed him in the abdomen with a knife. (Not only is the story widely written about, the gangster's former bodyguard told me directly). R. stuffed napkins in the wound and continued to drink for several hours, went home and some time later, died of peritonitis.


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