I've still got some extra weight to lose around my flanks, but my turtle tummy isn't that big anymore. And the weight lifting has gone well enough that I'm not embarrassed by the skinniness of my arms in the gym anymore. It's nice to lift respectable weights again, even if they're not large in absolute terms.

The job hunt continues... Not much to report there.

Although turtles do have a pretty swank setup inside our shells, as seen in many cartoons, we also like to rent apartments. The apartment that Mrs. Turtle and I share is a mess from weeks and months of neglect, but it's slowly getting better.

We went to Dallas last weekend, and saw the Sixth Floor Museum, the museum at the spot where JFK was shot. It was quite touching. One of my favorite parts was the report of one witness as taken by a policeman or FBI agent: "My name is N________. I attend B_________ High School. My wife and I were at the Book Suppository to see the President and his wife." (approximately verbatim)


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