Status Report

Not much new to report.

Mrs. Turtle got assigned to a new project in SF. It'll be sad not having her around all day, but at least she'll be home every night.

We spent a couple of evenings at the SF childrens' hospital, helping Cleetus and Mrs. C with Baby C. We weren't the primary caregivers, we were just there for when the others needed a break. The hospital room had a couple of tiny beds, a TV and VCR, some chairs, and a bathroom, but it really wasn't somewhere you'd choose to spend a week if you had the choice, so we were happy to drive up and help out. It also gave us a chance to play with Baby C, who was in excellent shape the day we got to babysit, and so was a lot of fun to play with. Luckily, she's recovered and is back at home.


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