Traditional vs. Modern

I think this quote sums up the difference very well
There is a difference in what is done in the traditional Japanese arts and what is done for 'modern street effective fighting'. The main difference that I have noticed is that the modern arts tend to teach 'if he does this, you do this!' The traditional Japanese arts have a more holistic approach. They teach a way of reacting, without actually teaching specifics. While there are specific kata [forms] taught within all of the Japanese arts, they are not there to teach technique, but rather to instill a particular set of reactions and movements as defined by the overall outlook of the ryu [school].
This is very true from what I've seen, and is one of the reasons why people who practice modern martial arts don't like (or understand) the more traditional martial arts.


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I totally agree. You are not going to perform a kata in a fight situation but it has familiarised your body with certain movements and strategies. You don't have time to think in a fight. I think sparring with a good amount of contact is very important as well

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