The Samuel L. Jackson god from Ezekial

Legal Fiction:
Spirit-Christians believe and worship because it brings them spiritual joy and they feel the love so to speak. In short, they believe because they seek to attain the positive. And these types of Christians are some of the best people on Earth. Rule-Christians, however, believe and worship for an entirely different reason – they worship to avoid the negative. Fear, guilt, and anxiety are at the heart of their belief system. And that’s why they are so obsessed with formal rules. By following the rules, they avoid hell and (temporarily) the anxiety associated with going there. When you see people ranting against gays, they are generally rule-Christians. For them, religion is not about attaining love, but about avoiding punishment. And their God is an angry God, always ready to smite the sinful. Their God is the Samuel L. Jackson god from Ezekial.

Read the whole thing. He relates it to the hurricane.


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