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Insolent Democrats have no vision of their own so they lash out at Giblets's - saying no to Giblets's federal harem of gold, no to Giblets's invasion of the kingdom of the mole people, no to his appointment of Zombie the Hun as ambassador to the United Nations! Lately they have spent so much time saying 'no' that the leader of the Democratic National Committee should not be Doctor Howard Dean but Doctor Something Else, like Doctor Angry Broken Robot Which Can Only Say 'No' Due To A Tragic Programming Error Which Will Eventually Drive It To Rise Up Against Mankind In An Orgy Of Apocalyptic Sci-fi Death And Destruction.2

Giblets has a plan to solve everything by grinding up Democrats and turning them into delicious pepper sausage... but you can guess what Democrats have said to this one. (Answer: not yes.)

2. This has been a joke. Behold the power of Giblets's joke! Laugh now or die.


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