Take that!

The house just passed a bill that would make it illegal to help a minor evade parental notification laws by crossing state lines. Democrats attempted to add excemptions to the bill, all of which were voted down. In the published summaries of the ammendments, the republicans in charge added their own take ont he excemptions. For example, one ammendment would have excempted taxi drivers, bus drivers, etc., because they would not even know they were transporting anyone to get an abortion. This ammendment was sumarized as follows:

Mr. Scott offered an amendment that would have exempted sexual predators from prosecution if they are taxicab drivers, bus drivers, or others in the business of professional transport.

This page has more. I first thought that this whole episode was a joke, as I only saw reference to it on liberal weblogs. Eventually, though, it appeared on the ABC News website, but only after the republican in charge backed down. That darn liberal media!


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