Extra! Extra! New York Times Hires Moron!

The NY Times has a new columnist, who happens to be a moron. He thinks that the media should stop reporting on suicide bombers, and complains that the bombings are not newsworthy: "There was no larger lesson except that some insurgents were willing and able to kill civilians, which was not news." Gee, I thought it was news that suicide bombers killed innocent people.

According to this moron, then, the 9/11 bombings should have gotten a single news story on the day they happened and nothing else, because everything after that was no longer news. Of course, the moron would never agree with that. You see, there's a difference between Americans and the swarthy people getting killed in suicide bombings way over there.

I have to stop. I could say much more, but thinking about this moron (did I mention that he's a moron?) is raising my blood pressure too much.


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